The Maybot

John Crace from The Guardian calls Theresa May the Maybot. I think it’s very apt because she has come across as stilted and robotic in this election campaign, repeating memes and displaying a lack of independent thought and critical thinking. I realised yesterday what I am particularly fearful of with Theresa May and that is we don’t know what her cards are. She keeps everything hidden and then surprises us with a snap election, a dementia tax, a plan to lift the ban on ivory trading …. what’s next? With Jeremy Corbyn we know his views because he has revealed them to us. Labour has also produced a fully costed manifesto which the conservatives have not. Why haven’t they? They are the ones who called the election. They knew and could have prepared in advance. Labour didn’t know until the rest of us did and yet they’re prepared.

Brexit is another example of this. Theresa May has steadfastly refused to detail her plans for Brexit. She was absent from the leaders’ debate last week because she was “thinking about Brexit” and yet none of us have any idea what her plans are. Rumours have it that she doesn’t want to reveal her strategy to EU leaders. After she was elected by the conservative party last year she was quoted as saying Jean-Claude Juncker would find her a “bloody difficult woman”. I was and still am stunned that she thinks this is a good strategy and even boasts about it. It sounds arrogant, stubborn, and obtuse to me and not at all the sort of diplomacy which will be required to get a good deal for Britain. Labour say their plan is for tariff-free trading and the rights of EU citizens in the UK and vice versa which sounds sensible to me.

I follow NHS Million on Twitter and this turned up in my feed yesterday:

The strong support for Theresa May by older voters seems at odds with this since older voters need the NHS more than any other age group. It’s something that puzzles me. I’m also astonished that nurses haven’t received a pay rise since 2009 while she gets a 10% rise.

I support policies that favour education, health, and the environment. I’m happy to pay tax to support all these things for a stable and inclusive society. I do not support fox hunting and ivory trading. If Theresa May wins on Thursday I’ll be voting yes in the next Scottish independence referendum without a doubt.

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