Daffodils and vote cycling

The days are getting really long here. I’m surprised by how light it is and for how long. The vampire in me is wondering how I’m going to get to sleep mid-summer. I might have to get some blackout curtains. Sunrise is at 6:03am and sunset at 8:13pm but it starts getting light sometime around 5:30am. I know this because it wakes me up. That’s way too early.

The daffodils are at their peak right now and they look lovely:


The National Cycling Charity (CTC) has a website where you can write to all the parliamentary candidates in your electorate to ask about their cycling policies. It’s very quick and easy to use as the letters have already been written – although you can edit them if you want to – and all you need to do is type in your postcode and it finds all the politicians for you. Go to http://votebike.org.uk if you want to give it a go. I did it this morning and I’ve received two responses so far.