I voted

I voted today.

I am a British taxpayer and I’m happy for my tax to go towards a world-class education system, pay rises for nurses, a strong national health service, more police officers, and effective policies that protect the environment for my children and their children.

I did not vote for policies that only benefit dealers in antiques and people who get pleasure from hunting small furry animals.

I voted Labour.

7 responses to “I voted”

  1. I wish I could vote in this election! I would also vote Labour.

    1. I feel fortunate to have have been able to vote. I’m crossing my fingers and toes!

  2. Jez we can!

    (well maybe not but we can hope)

  3. Bravo!


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  4. A lot of people I know voted labour for the first time in their lives. I sense change is in the air.

    1. Yes, I think you’re right. It’s exciting!

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