The warm fuzzies

We've published a page on Sustainability at my company and I'm very chuffed about it: This is something I have worked on and to see it go live is very important to me for what it represents. We've offset all our emissions through tree-planting which is wonderful. I see Australia letting the world down… Continue reading The warm fuzzies

Do animal rights activists care more for animals than humans?

Some people think that those who advocate for animal rights care more about non-human animals than human animals. That's not true at all. The ethicist, Peter Singer, who wrote Animal Liberation back in 1975 thinks we rich people ought to donate 10% of our salary to the world's poor. He gives around a quarter of his own… Continue reading Do animal rights activists care more for animals than humans?

Peter Singer discusses religion, the bible, abortion, and same sex marriage in 4 minutes

Peter Singer talks about abortion and same sex marriage in this video and specifically how Christians often focus more on these two issues than on poverty. He finds this strange because abortion is not mentioned in the gospels at all, while homosexuality is mentioned very little and mostly in the old testament; not so much in the… Continue reading Peter Singer discusses religion, the bible, abortion, and same sex marriage in 4 minutes

Nuu Muu and World Bicycle Relief

I found these fantastic dresses for cycling last week. They're actually exercise dresses for any type of exercise: running, cycling, yoga and probably even swimming. They're made by an American company called Nuu Muu. NB: Nuu Muu are not paying me to write this post. I just think they're fantastic because they're so comfortable to wear… Continue reading Nuu Muu and World Bicycle Relief

Elizabeth’s secret admirer and Animals Asia

I think Elizabeth has a secret admirer. Only I know who he is so he's not very secret. A friend of mine has a son in Elizabeth's class and my friend told me that her son recently mentioned that he has secret friends and Elizabeth is his secret friend. Then he added that when he's 18 and… Continue reading Elizabeth’s secret admirer and Animals Asia

Refugees and sanitary pads

I haven't written anything about the refugee crisis however it has definitely been on my mind and yes, I'm just as opinionated about this as I am about everything else 🙂 It's hard not to notice how the majority of the desperate-looking people who arrive in Europe by boat are men. Where are the women and children?… Continue reading Refugees and sanitary pads

How to fund several manned missions to Mars

I watched this talk given by Exeter College student, Beth Barnes, a couple of months ago and it's so good it needs to be shared. It's only 6 minutes but very powerful and thought-provoking. It has nothing really to do with missions to Mars although she does mention this in her talk. It's about a movement called effective… Continue reading How to fund several manned missions to Mars

The Life You Can Save

Whenever I find myself debating right and wrong, I wonder what Peter Singer would say. He's the most rational thinker on the planet, in my opinion, and so I will sometimes say to myself, "What would Peter Singer do in this situation?". For those who've never heard of him, he's an Australian philosopher, the Ira W.… Continue reading The Life You Can Save