Donate to SAFE!

It’s the SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) annual appeal today and tomorrow and Freud and I volunteered to collect for two hours this morning. I put my hand up a couple of months ago for this and figured that since it was going to be on the 21st December, 2012, that the world would be over and I wouldn’t have to do it. Well guess what, the Mayans were wrong!

Actually, though. It was lots of fun. Freud did a fantastic job and got lots of pats in return and our bucket felt pretty heavy by the time I handed it in. Anyone who wants to donate can do so at – SAFE do great things like getting chickens out of cages and pigs out of crates.


2 thoughts on “Donate to SAFE!”

  1. Good on you Rachel and thanks for letting me know. I’ll make a donation. Glad to see Freud doing his bit for animal-kind too. Can’t say how relieved I was to wake up this morning and discover the world hadn’t ended. Peter told me that someone in China was selling end-of-the-world bunkers. I wonder if he/she has been inundated with people seeking refunds.

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