I took the 1% pledge

Earlier this year I took the pledge to donate 1% of my salary to charity after being inspired by Peter Singer and The Life You Can Save. He has written a lot about our obligations to help others in need and I once read that he encourages people to publicly declare their donations as this will motivate other people to do the same. I was planning to do exactly that and write about it at the time but decided not to because most of my donations go to animal rights organisations and animal charities and I wasn’t sure if they counted. I’ve since changed my mind as you can see and I encourage others to take the pledge and help create a better world.

Peter Singer won the Berggruen Prize for 2021 which comes with US$1 million in prize money. He is donating the entire prize pot to charity. Half of it will go to The Life You Can Save with the remainder split between animal rights organisations and The Life You Can Save charities based on a public vote. If you would like to have a say in where the money goes visit The Life You Can Save website.

4 thoughts on “I took the 1% pledge”

  1. That’s an action my husband and I take as part of our faith. Tithing is mentioned in the Bible, and while we are taught to give ten percent to the church, we’re also aware the church is not a building or a specific group of people. It’s humanity. We believe in taking the gifts we are given and passing them on to help others. For us it’s ten percent, and for many years now, we have a separate bank account for it.

    Our paychecks automatically split when they hit the bank, and a portion goes into the tithing account so we don’t really feel it or count on it. We’ve donated to animal shelters, safehouses for the abused, families with health needs, clothing for people, food for people, and other organizations. There is such a large range of how how one can help others.

    Love that you help animal charities. It’s so wonderful when someone is in need and we see what we have there and can easily offer it. It’s almost selfish. Giving to others feels so good.

    1. Aww, you’re an amazing inspiration, Chrissie. I did think of you when I wrote this because I remember you telling me once before about your 10% donation commitment. Imagine if we all did that? And yes, you’re spot-on that it does feel good to donate to causes that are meaningful to you.

  2. I only donate to animal charities, too 🙂 Having said that, I do make contributions to Speak Up For Women NZ, because they’re the women’s group I belong to, and the biggest (but not big) of only three women’s groups in NZ that doesn’t buy into gender-identity ideology. Other than that it’s animal charities only – oh, and one that buys and restores land to natural habitat – I forgot about that one 🙂

    1. Oh yes, I donate to environmental causes too and also recently to the LGB Alliance who have been attacked here for their belief that homosexuality is same-sex attraction rather than same-gender attraction. I have also donated in the past to the Scistomasiasis Foundation which treats people in sub-Saharan Africa for intestinal worms. They’re a great charity https://schistosomiasiscontrolinitiative.org/

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