Elizabeth’s secret admirer and Animals Asia

I think Elizabeth has a secret admirer. Only I know who he is so he’s not very secret. A friend of mine has a son in Elizabeth’s class and my friend told me that her son recently mentioned that he has secret friends and Elizabeth is his secret friend. Then he added that when he’s 18 and moves out of home he’s going to move into Elizabeth’s flat. I don’t think Elizabeth is aware of this plan yet.

For many years now I have been a supporter of Animals Asia, a charity based in China which works to end bear farming in the region. It’s hard to believe the words “bear” and “farming” could go together in a sentence like that but they do.

Our family sponsors a bear through a regular monthly donation to Animals Asia. We also give to a human charity regularly but probably not as much as we should. Some argue that the richest 10% of the world should give 10% of their salary to poorer nations and if we all did that the world would be amazeballs. We have not committed ourselves to 10%. Not yet anyway. But Animals Asia does really great work not just for bears but also for other animals. Recently I came across one of their videos of a puppy they rescued. The puppy had been severely burnt and dumped by its owner when it was just 6 weeks old. It’s sad but has a happy ending and shows the worst and the best of humanity. It’s hard not to be moved by this.