Nuu Muu and World Bicycle Relief

I found these fantastic dresses for cycling last week. They’re actually exercise dresses for any type of exercise: running, cycling, yoga and probably even swimming. They’re made by an American company called Nuu Muu. NB: Nuu Muu are not paying me to write this post. I just think they’re fantastic because they’re so comfortable to wear and yet I can wear them to the shops or a cafe and it doesn’t look like I’m competing in a race. Elizabeth took this funny pic of me today in my Nuu Muu dress.


The main reason for this post is because Nuu Muu are raising money for World Bicycle Relief, a non-profit organisation helping to improve the lives of people in Africa by providing them with bicycles. Bicycles are giving them access to education, health care, and economic opportunities. It sounds like a great cause to me and well worth supporting.

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