The warm fuzzies

We’ve published a page on Sustainability at my company and I’m very chuffed about it:

This is something I have worked on and to see it go live is very important to me for what it represents. We’ve offset all our emissions through tree-planting which is wonderful. I see Australia letting the world down and making a fool of itself – history will not look kindly upon this inaction – but some Australian individuals and corporations are doing the right thing and my employer, Award Force, is one of them.

Award Force donates to several charities including Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Employees can also donate through an internal reward system. Every week you can nominate someone for an award for doing something good. The person nominated can redeem the award for $25 in vouchers or a $25 donation to Sea Shepherd. So far I’ve donated $150 to Sea Shepherd and it feels great.

person s left hand holding green leaf plant
Photo by Alena Koval on


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