Peter Singer discusses religion, the bible, abortion, and same sex marriage in 4 minutes

Peter Singer talks about abortion and same sex marriage in this video and specifically how Christians often focus more on these two issues than on poverty. He finds this strange because abortion is not mentioned in the gospels at all, while homosexuality is mentioned very little and mostly in the old testament; not so much in the gospels. What is mentioned in the gospels over and over again is an emphasis on helping the poor and on giving away our personal riches to help the poor. Peter Singer has for years now given away 10% of his personal income to the poor and he thinks everyone in rich nations should do the same.

10 responses to “Peter Singer discusses religion, the bible, abortion, and same sex marriage in 4 minutes”

  1. I’ve admired Peter Singer for many years, since I first read his Animal Liberation and later, his Writings on an Ethical Life. I hadn’t seen this interview.

    1. I admire him too and have read a number of his books. It’s hard to fault his logic. Even my mathematician husband cannot.

  2. The part I find intriguing is the 10%. I’ve been in many churches around the east coast of the US (visiting and attending regularly), and all have a huge focus on tithing (the 10% idea). Of all the Christians I know, a vast majority do the tithing – with many giving much more than 10%. And generally that goes to the poor. It’s also common to find church providing food pantrys, meals-on-wheels, clothing, and funds for those in desperate need. It makes me curious to hear the stats on Christians overall in regards to giving. He says “Christians in this country don’t emphasize that.” That baffles me as a blanket statement. I realize some of the elite few who are politically vocal (the ones who make all Christians look bad) portray this, and there are a few churches that believe that wealth is a gift from God for doing things right, but overall, I don’t feel that the Christian culture overall adheres to those beliefs. His addressing the issue implies it is uncommon to tithe. I’d be very curious to hear stats on how this is addressed around the world.

    1. I think Peter Singer’s idea is more than just tithing. Sure there are a lot of church-run charitable groups that donate to the poor and people in need and he’s not denying that. I doubt many people give 10% of their weekly income to their local church on Sunday mornings – it’s usually just a $5 or $10 at most.

      What he suggests is that all of us should be donating directly from our monthly pay packets to those in need and we should also be giving a lot. If we earn $80,000/year then that’s $8000 we ought to give to the poor which is about $154/week. He’s has written a number of books about this and runs an organisation – The Life You Can Save - He also spends a lot of time speaking about it and giving interviews on the topic.

      This YouTube video explains the logic:

      I can’t fault his logic and the world would be a much better place if we all did this. Full disclosure: I do not donate 10% of my own salary to charity but we do donate monthly and I want to increase this.

      1. I will check out that video, but for the record, I really meant that most Christians I know really do give a minimum of 10% of actual salary. We were talking about the same thing 🙂

        1. wow! Ok. I don’t know any!

            1. Then you should write about it and encourage others to do the same as Beth Barnes has done:

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