How to fund several manned missions to Mars

I watched this talk given by Exeter College student, Beth Barnes, a couple of months ago and it’s so good it needs to be shared. It’s only 6 minutes but very powerful and thought-provoking. It has nothing really to do with missions to Mars although she does mention this in her talk. It’s about a movement called effective altruism and how we all have the power to change the world. The spending calculations start at 2:45mins so if you only have time to watch a bit, watch that bit.



8 Replies to “How to fund several manned missions to Mars”

  1. There really should not be any hungry people in the world today. She does say something about giving to the Right charity, because I get the feeling that what ever is being given, is making little difference where it is most needed.

  2. I’ve check out Give Well before when deciding who to donate to. The talk is really inspiring. Most of my donations go towards conservation causes. I might start looking after a few humans now that I’ve seen this.

    1. Yes, I live GiveWell. We have been donating monthly to an animal charity not listed there and also Oxfam. But I’ve just cancelled Oxfam because I want to start donating to Schistosomiasis instead. But there are lots of goods ones there.

      1. Kiva’s good as well. It helps people directly and for very little. It doesn’t go towards eradicating devastating diseases though.

      2. I’ll check it out. I think giving to these charities is also our best bet for solving the refugee crisis over the long term.

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