Calling all Aberdonians!

Where: At the King Edward statue, corner of Union Street and Union Terrace.
When: Saturday 3rd February from 11:30am – 12:30pm.

Aberdeen City Council wants to pedestrianise the city centre but there are no plans for a protected bike path on Union Street. The best way to get more people on bikes is to give them somewhere safe to ride. Union Street is the heart of our city and it needs a protected bicycle path so that everyone of all ages and abilities can cycle in safety. Cycling is not an exclusive sport and is not just for those fit and brave enough to cycle next to buses.

I am planning a peaceful protest on Union Street on Saturday 3rd of February 2018 to raise awareness of the issue and to gather signatures for a petition. We need 100 signatures from residents in Aberdeen City which we can submit to the petition’s committee. We’ll also be handing out We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote leaflets –

It’s a paper petition so you’ll need to come along if you want to sign it. Please join us!


10 thoughts on “Calling all Aberdonians!”

  1. Good luck with your protest. I wonder what the wider track-record is for pedestrianised areas having cycling provision ?

    1. Well, it’s a very long street and the bit they’re planning to pedestrianise is small so the bike path is really needed for all the rest that will still have traffic. The point is that they’ve developed a master plan for the city centre with the goal to encourage active travel but they haven’t included a bike path anywhere in it.

    1. It’s still ongoing. In November it was referred to the interim head of planning and sustainable development. It will be a long process. I’d thought I’d get some more started for other roads 🙂

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