The Beast

A few months ago I bought another bike but didn’t tell anyone because I’ve been too scared to ride it. However necessity prevailed today because we had to be on the other side of the city centre in a time too narrow for walking and so with trepidation I took the Beast out.


The Beast is an electric trike made in England by The Cargo Bike Company. You might be wondering why I was too scared to ride it until now. After all, I’m the cargo bike lady of Aberdeen. But a trike handles very differently to a bike. The first time I took the beast out I felt like I couldn’t control it, especially on corners. I wanted the time to practice and break it in but I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time. Today I had no other choice.

I rode to school first; the hills are so easy with electric assist. When the kids came out they were the envy of the playground and I could see all the other kids longing for a spin but we had to dash. The ride through town and the dreaded Union St went well and we managed to escape The Businator. I felt elated! On the way home I was a celebrity. People stared and shouted praise at the Beast. Busby used to command that respect too but I’ve noticed it less over the years. People are used to him now, but not the Beast. The Beast is new and big.

As we neared home I was feeling cocky and decided to take a hill that I would never have dared on Busby. With the electric assist no hill is too steep. However it didn’t go as planned. I met an oncoming car on my way up and stupidly pulled over to let them pass. The electric assist only works when you’re pedalling and I was unable to overcome that inertia to start again from stationary, mid-way up a hill. I said a lot of bad words as I pushed the Beast the rest of the way. That is the only downside. You need to maintain momentum or either don’t stop on a hill unless it’s down. Lesson learnt.

Having cycled up and down hills, around corners, and on busy roads with cars, I’m now feeling more confident. Sometimes you need to throw yourself into the lion’s den to overcome your fears. Except for earthquakes. For those you really do need to run away.

I can’t fault the craftsmanship of this bike. It is solid and stable and we never once felt we were going to tip over, despite the heavy cargo up front. Both kids can even sit inside without having my weight to counterbalance on the rear. There are two benches on either end and so the kids have more space. There’s also a lockable compartment under one of the benches.


Even I could fit inside.


Elizabeth took this next photo.


I haven’t thought up a name yet, so it’s The Beast for now. Any suggestions?

17 thoughts on “The Beast”

    1. I had never heard of her before. What an amazing woman! Hearing how she died – – while delivering her birthday invitations – is sad.

  1. That’s a very unusual bike. Nothing I’ve ever seen in Bangladesh, at least. I’d be worried about riding it even though it’s electric-powered. 😀 Congrats on ‘conquering’ it!

      1. Buses are still the main public form of transport. You’ll see a lot of cars, but motorbikes are in abundance. There are a lot of bikes (bicycles). I used to cycle to my college a few years ago until an accident occurred. You can read about it here.

        Funny how a few months before that accident took place, I had this published on the blog.

      2. Your bike accident sounds like it was a close shave! I’m glad you were ok. It doesn’t sound like you have any segregated bike paths in your home town. We have none here either but I’m fighting hard to get some.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    I’ve just found your blog, it’s fab! I’m an Aberdonian now living. Edinburgh. What ages of kids do you think the beast could accommodate? Have a 9&6yo and wondering what our options might be. I did have a look at the cargo bike website but couldn’t spot it there. Thanks!

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