Inside Hoss

Ben fell off his bike a couple of weeks ago and broke his arm in two places. He’s recovering well and fortunately no cars were involved in the accident or it could have been much worse. He’s unable ride his bike until his arm is better and so when we all went for a cycle to Newton Dee recently he got to ride in Hoss. He took this video of the view.

For anyone wondering, this is Hoss:


14 thoughts on “Inside Hoss”

    1. It’s the first time he’s ever come off his bike but thankfully it was nothing serious. Sadly I can’t even blame the city council for it! He was going too fast around a corner and skidded πŸ™‚

      1. There are a couple of places that worry me when I cycle in to work, but – fortunately – I haven’t come off my bike. Hope I don’t, as I think I’ve got to that age where I don’t bounce quite as well as I used to.

      2. It’s probably the places we’re not worried about where we’re more likely to have an accident because this is where we’re less cautious. But +1 to having less bounce with age. I quite like my airbag helmet but even better would be an airbag for the bike so that if I fall off, the entire bike, including me, is enveloped in a giant cushion πŸ™‚

    1. I’ve never been in a pedicab but I imagine it is similar. I don’t think there’s much suspension on Hoss so I’m considering adding more cushions inside πŸ™‚ It is upright but because it has three wheels if the path is not completely flat you cannot tilt the bike so it will lean into the slope if there is one.

  1. When I go to Germany with work, I see quite a few of the bikes with the children’s seats suspended between the handlebars and the front wheel (not sure what they are called) – every time I see them, I think of you πŸ™‚

      1. I can only really talk about Frankfurt – where it’s common to have wide pavements, and half of the pavement paved differently, for the use of bikes. I’ve been continually impressed with how many people cycle over there – but then there is far less traffic than London, for example.

  2. Looks quite comfy in that video, bearing in mind how much our arms and legs act as suspension when riding a bike. Makes me think what a feat of engineering these bike cabins are.

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