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  • Exclusively Highlands

    Exclusively Highlands

    Last Sunday we went to the Exclusively Highlands art, craft, and food fair at Kincardine Castle. This market travels around Scotland and sells exclusively locally made goods which is why I like it so much. There’s stuff there you can’t buy anywhere else and I always like looking at things people have made themselves. Kincardine […]

  • Helen Bur art in Aberdeen #nuart

    Helen Bur art in Aberdeen #nuart

    I was very excited to see this art by Helen Bur on the side of a building in Aberdeen. It’s terrific. The couple in the scene are friends of hers who have recently had a baby. You can watch a timelapse of her creating it here – Time-lapse of artist Helen Bur creating the last […]

  • High tea at the Fife Arms

    High tea at the Fife Arms

    We did something special for Elizabeth today to commemorate her finishing primary school and starting high school. She somehow missed both the beginning and the end of primary school and I know she was upset about missing the end. When we first moved to the UK in October 2014, year 1 primary school had begun […]

  • Aberdeen Art Gallery and the BP Portrait Award

    Aberdeen Art Gallery and the BP Portrait Award

    I took the opportunity to visit the Aberdeen Art Gallery today. I still haven’t been since it reopened to the public late last year after 4 years of redevelopment and £34.6 million. It will shut tomorrow afternoon for Christmas and then remain closed for as long as we remain in Tier 4, so I thought […]

  • Street lego art

    Street lego art

    I was walking around central Aberdeen today and found this crumbly building that had been patched up with lego bricks. Those colored bits are lego. Here’s another photo, zoomed in. There are even some lego doors and windows there. It’s very clever. Just around the corner from the lego is the Aberdeen market and the […]

  • Ventilation shaft on Justice Mill Lane

    Ventilation shaft on Justice Mill Lane

    On Justice Mill Lane in Aberdeen is this lovely pole. I’ve always admired it and wondered what it was. Ben recently borrowed a book about Aberdeen from the local library and it gets a mention in that. It was built in 1905 as a ventilation shaft for underground tunnels containing electricity cabling. The ventilation helped […]

  • A night to remember at the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar

    A night to remember at the Fife Arms Hotel, Braemar

    This is going to be a long post with lots of photos so apologies in advance. We’ve just had a magnificent weekend in Braemar staying at the luxurious Fife Arms hotel. It’s quite a contrast to our recent glamping adventures and definitely opulent but worth every penny. I’ve been longing to spend a night at […]

  • Street art

    I saw this fantastic street art in Aberdeen yesterday. I think it’s new because I haven’t seen it before. It’s on Justice Mill Lane near the junction with Bon Accord Terrace.

  • Meet Rambo

    Meet Rambo

    I just finished Rambo, the latest addition to our household. He’ll be proudly joining Wishart on one of our walls.

  • Snow, castles, and a squirrel mug

    Snow, castles, and a squirrel mug

    Snow or castle? That was the question we asked ourselves yesterday when deciding what to do today. Fortuitously, we got both at Castle Fraser. The snow we had this week hasn’t completely melted at Castle Fraser and we got a taste of it on our walk around the estate. Here’s the family portrait. And the […]

  • Street art Aberdeen

    Street art Aberdeen

    Last night we went for a walk around Aberdeen to look at some street art. The Nuart Festival was on in Aberdeen over Easter and 11 international street artists added some colour to our city. That was very nice of them. Here are some pics.

  • Sightseeing in Dublin

    Yesterday was a non-work day and so I decided to see as much as I possibly could. After a late start two of us went to Trinity College to see the old library and a very, very old book, The Book of Kells. I love libraries anyway but this one is one of the very best. […]

  • Edinburgh – day 2

    Edinburgh – day 2

    Today we went to the MC Escher exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two. It was brilliant. There was quite a long queue but they’ve installed a timber maze on the front lawn so I waited in line while the kids and Ben ran wild in the maze. It was well worth […]

  • Cross-stitch porn

    A Brisbane artist has merged pornography with cross-stitch in a way that has improved both things considerably more than if they were separate. The cross-stitch lends an air of respectability to the pornography while the pornography offsets the fuddy-duddy image of cross stitch. The artist’s name is Leah Emery and she explains how she got started in cross-stitch porn […]

  • Daniel the artist

    Daniel has a tendency to get obsessed with things. His latest obsession is with drawing. He can spend literally hours drawing pictures of all sorts of things. He’s churning through reams of paper too – we have to somehow teach him to be less wasteful. Today I took some photos of his works of art: […]