Helen Bur art in Aberdeen #nuart

I was very excited to see this art by Helen Bur on the side of a building in Aberdeen. It’s terrific. The couple in the scene are friends of hers who have recently had a baby. You can watch a timelapse of her creating it here – Time-lapse of artist Helen Bur creating the last of 2021 Nuart mural…and it’s stunning.

It really is a stunning piece of work.

Just across the road from it is another masterpiece, created in 2018. I like this one too.

Further along the same road – Union Row – are three more, all created in 2018.

This next one is the Green Lady of Crathes Castle. Crathes Castle is supposedly haunted by the Green Lady.

I’ve not seen these before as it’s not a street I walk along very often but I’d heard about Helen Bur’s work and wanted to see it and then stumbled across all these others.

Nuart is an annual street art festival that comes to Aberdeen. It’s very good and makes for a nice walking tour around the city. Aberdeen is a city of engineers and so I sometimes feel we lack the art and culture of places like Edinburgh which makes me value Nuart all the more. It bumps up the city’s arty/hip/cool ranking by at least 100%.

4 thoughts on “Helen Bur art in Aberdeen #nuart”

  1. I was in your old town on holiday this week. These artworks make Aberdeen way cooler than York. The subject matter is beautiful, and the execution stunning.

      1. Isabel is studying History so she really enjoyed the Minster, and there were a couple of podcasts that helped us learn about the History (I couldn’t face a walking tour with dozens of people, not being able to hear the guy at the front.) Although for me the best thing was the salad bar and visiting my friend in her bird and insect friendly garden, near Hull.

      2. The minster is very good. I also used just enjoy walking the narrow streets in town like the Shambles with its wonky ancient buildings. The Viking Centre – I think it’s called Jorvic – I also liked.

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