Edinburgh – day 2

Today we went to the MC Escher exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Two. It was brilliant. There was quite a long queue but they’ve installed a timber maze on the front lawn so I waited in line while the kids and Ben ran wild in the maze.

It was well worth the wait because it was a fairly comprehensive exhibition with four Escher-filled rooms of art including the famous ones like Waterfall, Drawing Hands, Relativity, and Ascending and Descending. Ben found it particularly good because there were some quite mathematical pieces there like a Möbius strip and tessellations on a hyperbolic disk (= a picture of a circle with a pattern of animals on it). The kids weren’t particularly enthusiastic about it but I think that’s because they were so exhausted after racing around the maze for 30 minutes.



MC Escher stickers all over a street lamp:


Some pics from our wanderings:

IMG_3225  IMG_3224




Then we headed to Waverley station to catch our train.


I really dislike Waverley Station. It’s always ridiculously crowded and they have a strange numbering system for the platforms which confuses me. Have a look at this sign:



It says Platforms 1 and 20 via the escalator. Why 1 and 20? Why not 1 and 2? They’ve stuck platforms 19 and 20 with 1-7 which is unnecessarily confusing.


6 thoughts on “Edinburgh – day 2”

  1. We also went this afternoon. We stood in the queue behind another couple who turned out to also be from South Africa. We chatted for about 30-40 minutes until we got to the front of the queue. At this point, they took out the tickets that they’d already bought and discovered that the queue was only for those who needed to buy tickets, not for those who already had tickets. They could walk straight in. At least it was a lovely afternoon to be standing outside 🙂

      1. It was a pity. We should have got out earlier, but then it is a Sunday 🙂 It was excellent. I was well aware of Escher’s work, but knew very little about him or how he did it. The link with Mathematics was interesting.

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