Street lego art

I was walking around central Aberdeen today and found this crumbly building that had been patched up with lego bricks. Those colored bits are lego.

Here’s another photo, zoomed in. There are even some lego doors and windows there. It’s very clever.

Just around the corner from the lego is the Aberdeen market and the well-known street artwork that was painted for the 2017 Nuart festival by German duo Herakut.

Opposite it is this new one that I haven’t seen before.

2 thoughts on “Street lego art”

  1. It’s kinda strange to see a crumbly building. Have you ever seen the film the Third Man? That’s so interesting to see because they filmed in post-war bomb sites in Europe. Anyway I digress, it’s even better to see that creativity. What a great city.

    1. I have seen The Third Man but I must confess that I didn’t pay much attention to the buildings. It was a while ago now that I watched it. I’ll have to watch it again! I do love street art and we have some great examples in Aberdeen thanks to the annual Nuart festival.

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