Daniel the artist

Daniel has a tendency to get obsessed with things. His latest obsession is with drawing. He can spend literally hours drawing pictures of all sorts of things. He’s churning through reams of paper too – we have to somehow teach him to be less wasteful. Today I took some photos of his works of art:

“A bottom”

“Bottom with penis”
“Mummy with a pig-face”

“Freud dreaming of a bone”

I couldn’t get much information out of him about this picture other than it’s a rabbit family.

This picture is inspired by the show “Peppa Pig” with its pink house up on the hill. The yellow rabbit is pushing an ice-cream cart.

I have no idea

4 Replies to “Daniel the artist”

  1. These are hilarious! Looks as though a little critter has come to grief in the last masterpiece. By the way, very flattering portrayal of you, Rachel. See if you can get Daniel to do a drawing of the family. Could be interesting. B

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