Exclusively Highlands

Last Sunday we went to the Exclusively Highlands art, craft, and food fair at Kincardine Castle. This market travels around Scotland and sells exclusively locally made goods which is why I like it so much. There’s stuff there you can’t buy anywhere else and I always like looking at things people have made themselves.

Kincardine Castle is a private castle and the grounds are not usually open to the public so it was nice to see the castle up close even though we couldn’t go inside. Here’s the calendar of events for where the market will be next and some pics from our visit below.

Daniel took a particularly liking to a pastel drawing of a Highland Cow called Maeve. He’s never shown much interest in art before so we decided to get it for him and now Maeve sits proudly on his bedroom wall.

4 thoughts on “Exclusively Highlands”

  1. Love the blue dragon 🙂 I always thought it was a shame that dragons got such a bad rap in our mythology.

    When you say the market travels around, do you mean the people selling the goods travel around; or the market as a ‘business’ travels around, and the artisans are always local to the area the market is in at the time?

    1. Good question. The people selling the goods travel around. They’re all local to Scotland though and it only travels around Scotland. It’s local in the sense that everything is made in Scotland. We have been several times and we often see the same sellers and will come back to buy more of the thing they sell if we like it.

    1. There’s lots of bags like that for sale in tourist spots here. They’re really popular and it’s not surprising because they are very nice. They are usually marked with the “Harris Tweed” symbol.

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