William Wallace Monument

We’re in the train on our way back to Aberdeen. Here’s what we can see out the window:




Before leaving Stirling we walked to the William Wallace Monument. Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of William Wallace? Think Mel Gibson, Braveheart. Some famous battles were fought in Stirling because at one time it was thought that if you had Stirling Castle, you had Scotland and so the English and the Scottish fought over the city more than once. One famous battle, the Battle of Stirling Bridge (11th September 1297), saw the Scottish defeat the English despite having a much smaller force. The William Wallace monument was built in memory of him and is perched up on the top of a hill overlooking Stirling.





You can climb up lots of stairs to the very top of the tower but we didn’t do this. However we went into the very bottom part of it where there’s a gift shop and the Keeper’s Lodge and also some activities for children:


The William Wallace Monument is in the back left of this next photo.


Stirling station:


Stirling has a bike rental scheme and it seems like they’re making some early progress towards making it more bike-friendly.




This is the old town gaol. Isn’t it beautiful? It looks like a castle.


It feels like we haven’t been away for the weekend for ages and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

14 Replies to “William Wallace Monument”

  1. Beautiful scenes 🙂 You all look like you’ve had a great mini holiday 🙂
    And I like the bike rental scheme 🙂
    btw your photos did not show up in my Reader, but I found them here on your blog 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      I had problems publishing this post from the train with the free wifi. None of my photos uploaded and so I re-uploaded and published again as soon as we got home. This is likely why you can’t see any pics in the Reader. I guess this is one way to get people to click through to my blog 🙂

      1. haha Yep – it worked! (Tho I do visit from time to time – internet allowing )

  2. Scottish cities look less dense and more green, which I like it.

    I am dreaming for a world where biking is the main mode of short-distance transport. For long distance we can have trains and Teslas 🙂

    1. My thoughts exactly! We’ll still need cars, but electric ones, and lots of bikes and trains as well 🙂

  3. Ooh, beautiful. I like that bike scheme noticeboard, I think positive things like that make people feel good about cycling and more likely to do it.

  4. You’re brave if you cycle up and down Stirling, especially on the cobbles.
    By the way, most people just call it the Wallace monument.

    1. Cycling on cobblestones is almost impossible. I can see the bikes would be useful for going from Stirling to the University, or the Wallace Monument or other tourist attractions nearby but not in the old town itself. We walked from Stirling to the Wallace Monument and it took us quite a while – ~40 mins – it was also a dreadful walk right next to a very busy road.

      1. I wouldn’t want to cycle along that road, there are parked cars and narrow bits. Lots of Scotland are best travelled by car I’m afraid.

      2. They’ve put in bicycle lanes on part of that road but they go for about 5 m and then stop.

        I think lots of Scotland is accessible by train and on foot. We have certainly seen a lot of it from the train. Cities themselves have too many cars. The sounds and smells of traffic send my cortisol levels soaring. It’s much nicer to walk around a city when it’s not dominated by cars.

  5. Cycling on cobbles is OK on the right bike. My Specialized road bike has Zertz inserts in the forks, saddle tube and stays plus I’ve got gel inserts under my handlebar tape. It all works a treat!

    1. I have cycled on cobblestones before and it is doable but I get a bit nervous about getting my wheels stuck between the bricks.

      1. Go faster? I ride cobbles on 23 & 25 mm tyres & have had no problems yet. Now, cattle grids, that’s another thing altogether!

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