“You can’t carry big loads on a bicycle”, Really?

I love seeing the sorts of things people carry on their bikes. I came across this image today which was taken in Edinburgh (I think!) on the Edinburgh Cycle Chic blog. I think it would be a struggle to get that load into a car but it seems to be almost effortlessly sitting on top of that bike.

Edinburgh Cycle Chic

“You can’t carry big loads on a bicycle”, Really?

"You can't carry big loads on a bicycle", Really?

This box wouldn’t easily if in back of a medium sized car, you certainly could get it on a bus, yet here it is on the back of a bicycle. The humble bicycle has all the advantages of car as personal transport, but without the negatives. OK so you wouldn’t want to play a game of dodge the bus when carrying a load like this, so without high quality infrastructure most people are going to try it.

Recently there have been calls for reduction of congestion, air and noise pollution in the City of Edinburgh, well here is a means of personal transport that requires little space, produces zero emissions and is almost silent. It should be a total no brainer to promote cycling as transport and give space to enable people to travel with the lowest impact on the city.

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20 Replies to ““You can’t carry big loads on a bicycle”, Really?”

  1. Nice. When I was in China, I was on a bus tour, and we needed water. They called a guy, and we got water … a guy on a cargo bike, delivered cases of water for us … all on the bike. Sweet!

      1. Unfortunately, no … that was a long time ago.

  2. Looking at this picture I just think – You gotta have balance! 🙂
    But cycling is a great way to get about town for shortish distances 🙂

    1. It doesn’t look like the best centre of gravity either. I think low to the ground and up front is best.

  3. Oh, that photo was definitely taken in Edinburgh 😉

    If you like cargo bike/trikes there are quite a few on the Edinburgh Cycle Chic, all of which have been sighted in Edinburgh.

  4. Yeah, but you’d need a carbon fibre one with tri bars for your TTs, and no-one makes those, do they?

    Oh, wait…

    1. I love Bullitts but they’re not big enough for two big kids. I have thought about it though …

  5. I saw this picture yesterday. I think you are right. Low and up front would be safer. I like the trip version with the Dura-Ace group!

      1. Sorry. I meant “tri” version suggested by @verytallguy above. The Bullitt. 😂

    1. I don’t think you need to be particularly strong. The combined weight of my bike + cargo (excluding me) is about 100kg and it’s not that hard to pedal. Hills are hard, but on the flat anyone can do it.

  6. That’s quite brave, I think a trailer might be safer? Still, can’t knock someone for giving it a go.

  7. I spent a couple of months in Africa and was fascinated by the versatility of the bikes. I saw families of four riding over ranges (on the one bike) moving 6 cases of coke and massive bags of charcoal……but the best thing I saw was three men balancing a very old set of railway scales (you know the ones with the big platform and large dial usually in red) on the cross bar of the bike pushing them over a hill. We were about 20km to the closest town so they had a long way to go. I know the bike wasn’t being ridden but it truly showed initiative

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