Time to say goodbye to the tracky dacks

I always feel a bit sad after a fun weekend away somewhere and immediately start thinking about the next trip. Where should we go next? I want to see more snow.

When we arrived home yesterday there was a present waiting for me from my sister which was very exciting. It’s some very trendy-looking exercise gear called Fabletics. I like to secretly make fun of women I see wearing expensive exercise gear because most of them look as though they spend more time buying the clothing than actually exercising in it. I never wear anything special when I go cycling. That’s the beauty of cycling; you can wear ordinary clothing. It’s no different to walking or driving to work and anyone can do it. You don’t need specialist equipment other than the bike, of course.

But I *do* wear special clothing when I go for a run. It’s special in the sense that I don’t wear it anywhere else but it’s just a pair of old tracky dacks and a shirt; both chosen for comfort rather than looks. It might even be more appropriate to call them tacky dacks such is their attractiveness or lack-of. However now it looks like I’m going to be ultra trendy in proper exercise gear. And I’m guessing I won’t be able to secretly make fun of women out exercising in lycra since I’m going to be one of them.

What do you think? Am I likely to be mugged for my outfit?



What do you run in? Tracky dacks, shorts, lycra?


12 Replies to “Time to say goodbye to the tracky dacks”

  1. When my daughter gave up athletics, the first thing I said was “Can I have your Nike dri-fits??” As I run past pupils from my school on the way to work, I at least want to look passable. Although recently, I have noticed that I have not been seeing so many on the train and the way in. I think they work out what time I am coming past and adapt their route to avoid seeing a member of staff.
    Your running kit looks great!

    1. Nike dri-fits – I’ve never heard of it. I’ll have to look it up. I guess it’s different for you given students in the local school know who you are. What did you think of that recent article about parents not being allowed to drop kids off at school in pjs?

  2. I swear by Icebreaker wool clothing for running. Wear it 3 times a week and it feels great, dries quickly and does not get smelly. In winter I use shorts over leggings (*). Don’t like the touch of lycra or similar fabrics.

    (*) Side note:in NZ most men also tend to wear shorts over their tight fitting long lycra pants, in Germany most seem to not bother with shorts and I am wondering if this has to do with different levels of prudishness?

    Whatever you run or bike in, the main thing is to enjoy what you do and screw the fashion Gestapo:)

    1. I like ice breaker stuff and have some myself. I don’t recall seeing men with shorts over Lycra in NZ. Why bother with two Lycra at all? Why not just wear shorts? That seems weird.

  3. I’m exactly the same! I hate expensive gym wear and mock companies that sell Lycra pants for $100! I usually run in a pair of old shorts and one of TJ’s baggy shirts… I don’t look as good as everyone else in their Lorna Jane gear though!

    I was just thinking today as I hiked up a mountain in a cheap pair of grey Lycra, grey shirt and towel hat… Maybe I should try a bit harder, I look like a granny!

    1. You’ve obviously got lots of good sense. It must run in the family 🙂 The only thing I think worth spending money on when running is a pair of good shoes.

  4. Your Fabletics look cool. I am sure they are comfortable too. It is always good to exercise in proper gear.

    I run every Sunday in the smelly shorts and tee shirt from Thursday’s workout. Too lazy to dry them. Anyway they are going to be smelly again after the run right 🙂

    I have only three pairs of shorts and tees; all of them are Puma except one Nike tee. I would like to buy at least four pairs of Nike gear but that’s going to be expensive although they last for years. So I am holding off. But someday soon I will go all Nike.

    1. Oh yeah I have this cool one too which my trainer presented to few of his hardcore students. It is a nice cotton one; feels very comfortable. This was for 2014.

      I am told we are getting one for 2015 too later this month when we celebrate MoFit’s third birthday. This time besides tee, he is replacing the medal with a key chain which is more practical. I will blog when I get my hands on them. 🙂

    2. I sometimes wear my running clothes more than once before washing them. But I’m also running in temperatures around 5C and so I don’t sweat very much.

  5. You look great in your new running gear. Should stop the traffic. 🙂 I just have gardening gear. Ancient shorts and a couple of stained cast-off T shirts. A sight for sore eyes. Maybe I should follow your example.

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