Time to say goodbye to the tracky dacks

I always feel a bit sad after a fun weekend away somewhere and immediately start thinking about the next trip. Where should we go next? I want to see more snow.

When we arrived home yesterday there was a present waiting for me from my sister which was very exciting. It’s some very trendy-looking exercise gear called Fabletics. I like to secretly make fun of women I see wearing expensive exercise gear because most of them look as though they spend more time buying the clothing than actually exercising in it. I never wear anything special when I go cycling. That’s the beauty of cycling; you can wear ordinary clothing. It’s no different to walking or driving to work and anyone can do it. You don’t need specialist equipment other than the bike, of course.

But I *do* wear special clothing when I go for a run. It’s special in the sense that I don’t wear it anywhere else but it’s just a pair of old tracky dacks and a shirt; both chosen for comfort rather than looks. It might even be more appropriate to call them tacky dacks such is their attractiveness or lack-of. However now it looks like I’m going to be ultra trendy in proper exercise gear. And I’m guessing I won’t be able to secretly make fun of women out exercising in lycra since I’m going to be one of them.

What do you think? Am I likely to be mugged for my outfit?



What do you run in? Tracky dacks, shorts, lycra?