More cycling in the rain

More rain today and so more cycling in the rain. This time to the beach.


I was tempted to go in for a dip but I didn’t have my bathers with me.


Ben’s thinking, “What on earth are those giant cotton reels behind me?”


I have a new rain coat which got drenched.


I saw this great t-shirt today:


It says:

This one runs on fat and saves you money
This one runs on money and makes you fat

You can buy it for £25 at Bone Shaker Magazine. I have not received any compensation, free t-shirt or otherwise, for advertising this shirt. But should Bone Shaker wish to send me one I can provide my postal address by email.

8 Replies to “More cycling in the rain”

  1. Cool … while everyone else is taking shelter from the rain, you are out there going on a fun bike ride. I highly approve … Oh, and I love that cargo bike. 🙂

  2. Had to laugh about Ben’s comment and the cotton reels. 🙂 🙂 I’m glad you didn’t go swimming. It looks positively dangerous in that surf.

    It must have been pretty heavy rain if your raincoat couldn’t cope with it. Did it keep you dry underneath though?

    The saying on that T-shirt is classic. 🙂

    1. I wasn’t serious about the swimming. It did look very choppy.

      The raincoat coped perfectly well. I was completely dry underneath.

      1. I need one of those! What brand is it? It’s just as well I run everywhere so not outside long enough to get wet, I used to get soaked when I walked to work.

      2. It’s a Jessica Simpson coat from TKMaxx. It was only £50. My other raincoat is also Jessica Simpson and really warm and keeps me dry. It’s nice to have two in case one gets wet or needs to go through the wash.

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