Home-grown radishes

Home-grown and a Rocket update

This is my lunch most days.

My sandwich with rocket, tofu, radish, beetroot, and avocado.

It consists of my home-made sourdough which I bake several times a week now.

Home-made sourdough

As well as avocado, beetroot, tofu and today I have home-grown radish and rocket.

Radishes, freshly picked

Not much grows at this time of year but radishes and salad greens do. I’ve also had a constant supply of kale at the allotment and the past two weeks I’ve even had broccoli.

Purple sprouting broccoli

But the crucial ingredient on my sandwich is this apple balsamic vinegar which is aged in wood for 6 years. You can buy it from Hodmedods and unfortunately it’s more expensive than whisky but it’s worth it as a special treat.

Liberty Fields apple balsamic vinegar

Last week Rocket was looking really skinny. Every day I thought I’d find him cold and stiff but this week he’s looking better and has put on weight. He’s still not eating hard foods so I’m having to give him soft things. He especially loves silken tofu and I noticed the weight gain after I introduced it to his diet. I’ve also been crushing his regular seeds and nuts into small pieces. I think it might be like this now for the rest of his life, however long that is. Here’s another sand-rolling video. This was taken just after he received a dose of antibiotics which he didn’t like much. I think rolling in the sand is a way to get rid of the smell of human hands and medicine.

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