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  • Allotment produce in January and Veganuary

    Allotment produce in January and Veganuary

    I got four leeks and lots of kale at my allotment today. There’s still a number of leeks left; definitely enough to last us until spring. My pond is filled with leaves and I had this idea that I’d pull them out until I actually tried. They’re frozen in! I took this video of it. […]

  • Bees in the artichoke

    Bees in the artichoke

    Another Sunday of weeding at the plot has come and gone. It’s amazing how much the plot changes from winter to summer. This was the plot back in April. Here it is today. The artichoke has started flowering and it’s beautiful. I counted 5 bees in the flower head. Something was decimating my kale (deer […]

  • Wonky parsnips and the winter solstice

    Wonky parsnips and the winter solstice

    I went to my allotment today having not been there for a few weeks. I picked some leeks and parsnips for Christmas dinner but my leeks are looking a bit wonky. Does anyone know why this happens? It’s the first time I’ve ever grown parsnips so I’m excited even if they look deformed. It was […]

  • Killer Kale

    Killer Kale

    Elizabeth has been working on a screenplay for a vegan zombie film called Killer Kale and one of my co-workers graciously applied his Photoshop skills to the movie poster. Thank you, Ryan! It’s perfect.

  • Ice-cream or kale, anyone?

    Ice-cream or kale, anyone?

    On three separate occasions in the past month, pedestrians have called out to me asking for an ice-cream as I cycle by. Does Harald look like an ice-cream bike? Harald: Pashley Classic No. 33: Oh dear! So much for looking cool and trendy. Pak Choi. What a wonderful vegetable. I’ve been craving leafy greens recently and so […]

  • The gin verdict

    This might be a little premature because I haven’t finished the treatment but so far, gin seems to be working well as a weapon against hair lice. I treated Elizabeth’s and my own hair twice last week. Then I did it again earlier this week, but just the once. I’ve been inspecting Elizabeth’s hair and haven’t […]

  • What’s growing in my garden?

    A couple of months ago I posted a photo of my newly planted tomato seedlings: Here they are today: One is a cherry tomato plant, hence the smaller size. I actually thought they were both cherry tomatoes but now I’m not so sure. There’s a bean shoot growing in there too. I’ve probably got too many […]