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  • Rocket the hamster pics and video

    Rocket the hamster pics and video

    We’re loving having Rocket. He’s such a cool little dude. He seems quite happy in his new home. At least he never tries to escape even when the door is open. He likes taking food from our hands but doesn’t like being held. He loves, loves, loves his wheel and is very fond of food […]

  • Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

    Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

    Ben has had covid this past week. He started feeling unwell on Friday night over a week ago. On Monday he took a lateral flow test and it was positive. He says he’s felt achy, very tired, was a bit feverish and headachy for a couple of nights, and lost his appetite. He’s much better […]

  • Meet Rocket

    Meet Rocket

    We adopted another hamster from the SPCA. When Bella and Daisy died I looked on the SPCA website and saw Rocket there. He had been there since August and we decided he needed a home. We don’t know how old Rocket is or his history other than the SPCA taking him from his previous owner […]

  • Rocket seeds and stick insects

    I’ve been waiting for my rocket to produce seeds for months and months and months and finally some seed pods have emerged. I’m not sure how or why it took so long because it has been flowering for ages now and I just assumed the seeds would be in the flowers but they weren’t. Today […]

  • The Rocket Bike

    We’ve been thinking about getting a new cargo bike lately because our kids are getting a bit small for the bakfiets. The main problem is that Daniel is too tall when the rain tent is on – which is all the time – and so the kids have to sit on the floor of the […]