Rocket update and letting the “weeds” grow

Rocket eating

I'm getting slack with my blog posts as it has been a while since I last posted anything. We haven't been doing as many things on our weekends as Daniel has had exams and hasn't wanted to go anywhere. There's less to share when we're not out doing interesting things. But that's about to change,… Continue reading Rocket update and letting the “weeds” grow

Home-grown and a Rocket update

Home-grown radishes

This is my lunch most days. It consists of my home-made sourdough which I bake several times a week now. As well as avocado, beetroot, tofu and today I have home-grown radish and rocket. Not much grows at this time of year but radishes and salad greens do. I've also had a constant supply of… Continue reading Home-grown and a Rocket update

Angus for a holiday and Rocket relaunched

Gannochy bridge over the River North Esk.

We've come to Angus for a holiday that is three years overdue. We booked it originally for April 2020 but covid cancelled it so the holiday was rescheduled for 2021. Covid cancelled that too and it got rescheduled for 2022 but I made the mistake of booking a time that did not coincide with school… Continue reading Angus for a holiday and Rocket relaunched

Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

Rocket the hamster looking very cute in a coconut house.

Ben has had covid this past week. He started feeling unwell on Friday night over a week ago. On Monday he took a lateral flow test and it was positive. He says he's felt achy, very tired, was a bit feverish and headachy for a couple of nights, and lost his appetite. He's much better… Continue reading Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster