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  • The icy Deeside Way and an ant drowns in honey

    Last weekend when I took Elizabeth to highland dance I decided to cycle her in Hoss, our cargo bike, because the bike path was looking icy and I thought it would be safer. Big mistake. The bike path near our house wasn’t too bad but the further we got from the city centre the icier […]

  • “This is for Granddad!”

    There was much excitement in the house this morning because the ants in Elizabeth’s ant colony took the moth she had given them over a week ago. She put a dead moth by the entrance to their test tube and it had been sitting there for over a week. This morning it disappeared and we […]

  • The Lecht

    The Lecht

    I took the kids to the Lecht today which is another ski field close to Aberdeen. After our successful day at Glenshee last weekend I thought I’d try to keep the momentum going with skiing and get another half day in for the kids. We chose the Lecht this time for several reasons. It’s better […]

  • Skiing at Glenshee

    Skiing at Glenshee

    We were not deterred by our failed attempt to ski yesterday and went back again today with high hopes. Most of the snow disappeared overnight but Glenshee has snow machines so the beginner slopes were open and we got to ski! One advantage of not much snow is it was quieter. I have been there […]

  • “Let’s go skiing, it’ll be fun”

    “Let’s go skiing, it’ll be fun”

    We tried to go skiing at Glenshee today. I had us booked in for an 8:45am lesson because I’m a moron and was thinking it would be packed and we should get there early plus there was nothing else until the afternoon which seemed too late. The early start combined with my usual anxiety of […]

  • A walk in the forest and up a hill

    A walk in the forest and up a hill

    We went for a lovely long walk in the forest near Braemar today then finished it off with a walk to the summit of Creag Choinnich. We don’t usually do both walks in one go – we usually either do the forest or the hill but the kids were both keen today and we all […]

  • Elizabeth’s 13th birthday and a Hogmanay ceilidh

    Elizabeth’s 13th birthday and a Hogmanay ceilidh

    Welcome 2023 and happy hogmanay! Yesterday was a crazily busy day. It started early with cake-baking for Elizabeth’s birthday. She turned 13 and I finally got to hand over the ant colony which is thankfully still alive. She is still pondering a name for the Queen and her empire. I made a chocolate cake which […]

  • Ant colony

    It’s Elizabeth’s 13th birthday this week so we’ll officially have two teenagers in the house soon. She’s been asking for an ant colony for months and months now so we finally caved and that’s what she’s getting for her birthday. Expecting delays with the postal strikes and public holidays I ordered it last week but […]

  • The 12 outfits of Christmas 2022

    The 12 outfits of Christmas 2022

    We spent Christmas at home this year with friends and it has been lovely. The kids are definitely teenagers now as they didn’t wake up until after 9am. Gone are the days of them jumping out of bed at 6am with excitement about presents. I think they were still excited but they also like their […]

  • Pantomime and Union Terrace Gardens

    Pantomime and Union Terrace Gardens

    It has been three years since we last went to the pantomime thanks to covid. Although it did run last year they had to cancel after Christmas and our tickets were for New Year’s Eve so we missed it. This year everything is back to normal and indeed covid seems like a thing in the […]

  • Christmas at the castle

    Christmas at the castle

    We went to Crathes Castle today for a walk in the snow. The kids got out of bed very late so we didn’t get there until the early afternoon but this worked in our favour because unbeknown to us the castle was putting on a festive light show with Santa’s grotto, rides, a craft market, […]

  • Duthie Park in the snow

    Duthie Park in the snow

    Duthie Park was looking quite lovely yesterday. I took these photos on my run.

  • When is it ok to trash your family on TV?

    I haven’t watched the final three instalments of the latest Dynasty family drama on Netflix so this is just all hypothetical and I have no personal opinion whatsoever because I can’t comment on something I haven’t watched. But I am always interested in hypothetical ethical situations and so what if Netflix offered you £100 million […]

  • Crochet Audrey 2, Christmas tree, and Daniel is taller than me

    Crochet Audrey 2, Christmas tree, and Daniel is taller than me

    Another weekend disappears. Daniel told me last week that he didn’t want to go anywhere for the next couple of weekends as he’s studying for exams. He’s so studious but then I was the same. He’s taller than me now by nearly 2cm. We measured today. That happened very quickly. He’s shooting up at a […]

  • What to watch on TV

    There’s lots of great TV to watch which is perfect for these cold, dark evenings when all I want to do is snuggle up on the sofa with my crochet. On the weekend I watched The Swimmers which is about two professional Syrian female swimmers who make the trip from Syria to Germany as refugees. […]

  • Good deeds

    Good deeds

    Elizabeth danced at a local care home today for part of a school assignment which required her to do some good things in the community. She chose the tasks and for one of them she wanted to dance at the local care home. It was a really lovely experience and although I was just an […]

  • We don’t get to choose our ancestors

    We don’t get to choose our ancestors

    Yesterday I was pondering on my blog whether any of my ancestors were suffragettes. My mother-in-law told me that one of her ancestors was a signatory on the women’s suffrage petition in New Zealand to grant women the vote. She was Annabella Naumann (nee Macaulay, born in Glasgow) and she’s even recognised on the New […]

  • The suffragettes and a tartan scarf

    The suffragettes and a tartan scarf

    I got myself a wonderful tartan scarf in the suffragette colours this week. I was inspired by the woman who was ejected from Scottish parliament for wearing a scarf in the Suffragette’s colours. Scottish parliament later apologised claiming it was a mistake but by then scarfgate had taken off and these lovely scarves have since […]

  • Meals that start from 9 pence per person

    Early last month I gave a short talk at Aberdeen Climate Action’s Climate Café where I shared my top tips on how to easily and cheaply reduce your carbon emissions. Taking action on climate change can sometimes feel overwhelming or even impossible. Many solutions are just not practical for the individual like putting solar panels […]

  • A weekend away in Angus and a trophy

    A weekend away in Angus and a trophy

    We just had a wonderful weekend in Angus and in addition to the wonderful visit we made to Glamis Castle on Saturday Elizabeth brought home a trophy. Part of the reason for the trip was so Elizabeth could participate in the Forfar Highland Dance competition on Sunday. These competitions typically start in the morning and […]