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  • Rocket the hamster pics and video

    Rocket the hamster pics and video

    We’re loving having Rocket. He’s such a cool little dude. He seems quite happy in his new home. At least he never tries to escape even when the door is open. He likes taking food from our hands but doesn’t like being held. He loves, loves, loves his wheel and is very fond of food […]

  • Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

    Covid in the house, school camps, and Rocket the hamster

    Ben has had covid this past week. He started feeling unwell on Friday night over a week ago. On Monday he took a lateral flow test and it was positive. He says he’s felt achy, very tired, was a bit feverish and headachy for a couple of nights, and lost his appetite. He’s much better […]

  • Meet Rocket

    Meet Rocket

    We adopted another hamster from the SPCA. When Bella and Daisy died I looked on the SPCA website and saw Rocket there. He had been there since August and we decided he needed a home. We don’t know how old Rocket is or his history other than the SPCA taking him from his previous owner […]

  • Another hamster death and the fox returns

    Another hamster death and the fox returns

    Daisy our hamster is dead. After Bella died earlier this month I decided I wasn’t going to make the same mistake with Daisy and a few weeks ago I took her to the vet. It can be hard to tell when a hamster is unwell as they’re out at night when we’re asleep and both […]

  • Finding comfort in science

    I’ve been very hard on myself this past week about Bella and so I took some time last night to do some research into the disease the vet diagnosed her with. He said it was proliferative ileitis which is a bacterial infection in the intestines thought to be caused by the bacterium Lawsonia intracellularis. It […]

  • Two deaths in one week

    Two deaths in one week

    Bella, our hamster, died on the same day as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on the 8th September 2022. Bella’s death hit me harder than I was expecting. We haven’t had her for very long but I noticed over the past month that she was losing weight. I started to weigh her regularly to see […]

  • Sniffing for hamster piss

    When we first got hamsters I wasn’t expecting to spend my evenings and weekends sniffing hamster bedding for hamster piss but this is what we do now. For a while Bella was peeing in a sand bath which was great as I didn’t need to go searching for her toilet but she’s stopped doing that […]

  • Hamster escapes!

    Hamster escapes!

    Bella (our hamster) escaped from her cage last night. Daniel was still partly awake when he heard a thud in the hall outside his bedroom. Eventually he dragged himself out of bed to check on his hamster and one of the tunnels had fallen off. She has three levels connected via tunnels, and one of […]

  • Our animal friends

    Our animal friends

    Several months ago I bought a lemongrass plant which I thought would be nice in curry. However, Victoria has taken a liking to the plant and has absolutely shredded it. It’s the first thing she goes to in the morning when she wakes up, even before her food bowl. Last weekend we made some birdfeeders […]

  • Hamster house video tour

    Are the hamster blog posts getting a bit boring? I’m sorry. I’ve just given Bella’s house an extension and I want to give you a tour. Her house now has a third storey with a gym for exercise. Hopefully, this will help her slim down a bit.

  • Hamster house

    Hamster house

    We finally upgraded Daisy’s house. It’s surprisingly difficult to find good houses for hamsters. Pet shops don’t provide cages with sufficient depth at the bottom for bedding material that allows burrowing. Daisy would frequently run circles around her cage and bite the bars – both signs of boredom and distress. The wheels you get from […]

  • Hamster pics

    Hamster pics

    Victoria thinks the hamsters are getting too much attention. “What about me?” I took this video of Bella taking a walnut into her house. Bella is a bit on the chubby side. I’m hoping that with a bigger cage she’ll get more exercise and slim down bit.

  • Bella’s home

    Bella’s home

    Bella has a new environment. It’s quite a unique-looking hamster habitat by Omlet. Omlet has put a lot of thought into the design and the bottom level is a deep drawer that you can fill with bedding. Hamsters like to dig burrows and most cages you buy at pet stores have a tiny tray at […]