What to do with a glut of courgettes?

It has been a day of cooking. It’s that time of year when my allotment is producing way more courgettes (zucchinis) than we can eat so I had to take desperate measures.


I took the advice of an old friend from Christchurch and made chutney. This is my first attempt and I didn’t make a huge batch but I tasted it before putting it in jars and it’s just delicious. I followed this recipe.


I’ll think I’ll make another batch.

I then made a chocolate zucchini (courgette) bundt cake from the Isa Does It cookbook (a really fantastic vegan cookbook). The recipe is available online here. Elizabeth made the chocolate ganache.



Then I made Jamie Oliver’s Reverse Puff Pastry Pizza with lots of roasted courgettes. We ate it vegan, without the parmesan and feta and it was really good.


Lastly, I made Dr Gregor’s Fudgy No-Bake Brownies and these are amazing. No courgettes in these. These are so easy to make, contain no sugar, require no baking, and taste divine.


What else can you do with courgettes?

5 responses to “What to do with a glut of courgettes?”

  1. The title of the post stopped at c on my phone but I had a feeling it would be courgettes. Well done for producing so many! They always improve a cake but of course there’s only so much cake you can get through, it’s good to have so many other ideas.

    • This particular courgette cake recipe is very good. I’ve not made it before but we’ll definitely do it again. Courgettes grow so well here and the slugs leave them alone so you can’t really go wrong. Even a novice like me can produce a bumper crop.

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