Meals that start from 9 pence per person

Early last month I gave a short talk at Aberdeen Climate Action's Climate Café where I shared my top tips on how to easily and cheaply reduce your carbon emissions. Taking action on climate change can sometimes feel overwhelming or even impossible. Many solutions are just not practical for the individual like putting solar panels… Continue reading Meals that start from 9 pence per person

Apple and butternut soup

Butternut squash soup in the pot with a wooden spoon.

It's Halloween so it seemed apt to have butternut squash soup for dinner tonight (also known as butternut pumpkin in Australia). Lately I've been thinking it might be worthwhile to share cheap meal ideas since so many people are struggling with bills right now. It's not hard to feed a family of four on a… Continue reading Apple and butternut soup

First blackberry crumble of the season

It's blackberry season - yay! This means lots of blackberry crumble. Ben went foraging and collected a huge container full yesterday, half of which got eaten last night. There are so many wild blackberries all over the place in Aberdeen and the fruit ripens at different times - I guess depending on how sunny a… Continue reading First blackberry crumble of the season

Portlethen and vegan galette with friends

We had a lovely afternoon with friends in Portlethen today. Portlethen is a small village about 7 miles south of Aberdeen. It was originally a fishing village and there's an old harbour there where the fishing boats used to come and go. Today it is more like a satellite suburb of Aberdeen with lots of… Continue reading Portlethen and vegan galette with friends

Blackberry crumble

Wild blackberries are ripe for the picking all over the place right now. Locally they're known as brambles. Ben went for a walk yesterday along the river and came home with several cups of them. I turned them into blackberry crumble. This crumble was particularly delicious because I did something different. Crumble is just fruit… Continue reading Blackberry crumble

People who make the world a better place

Photo by ev on Unsplash

In his book, Do No Evil, Michael Berumen writes that ethical judgements are universal and apply just as much to business as to any other social venue. He argues that death and suffering are evil or immoral and that this is universal; not subjective. For instance, in his chapter on the environment he says businesses… Continue reading People who make the world a better place

The wasp and the sticky bun

I had an encounter with the local wildlife on the weekend: a wasp stung me on my lip. It was not a particularly nice experience. I blame the cinnamon bun. I had gone to Bandit Bakery to get some bread. Bandit Bakery is the best artisan bakery on the planet and they make the best… Continue reading The wasp and the sticky bun

The world needs more Bens

Image of Ben and Victoria

Sometimes I feel sad about the world. I read the things people say online and I feel despair. What hope is there for us? Some people try to do the right thing and reduce their impact on the planet but what good is it when everyone else is more interested in their taste buds than… Continue reading The world needs more Bens

Meatless Farm and Elizabeth’s biology poster

We had Meatless Farm burgers for dinner last night. I've become a Meatless Farm convert: they're UK-based and much cheaper than the Beyond Burger but with similar ingredients. Both are made with pea protein. They taste delicious too and are good for a quick, easy meal when you don't feel like cooking. As part of… Continue reading Meatless Farm and Elizabeth’s biology poster

Pastries, broccoli, tartan skirt, and carrot lox

Foodstory Café in Aberdeen have started making sourdough pastry. Their sourdough bread is already well-known in Aberdeen for its deliciousness so we decided to sample the sourdough pastry, strictly for academic purposes. Foodstory is still only open for takeaways but not long now - they'll be allowed to open fully at the end of… Continue reading Pastries, broccoli, tartan skirt, and carrot lox

Milk deliveries, mung beans, and AstraZeneca

We've been getting oat milk delivered in glass bottles to our home twice a week for a month now and we love it. The milk is made by Oato, a British business using British-grown oats. This week the glass bottles changed and have a message printed on the side. I find it odd that people… Continue reading Milk deliveries, mung beans, and AstraZeneca

Pancake Sunday

It's still lockdown here. We've been in lockdown since Christmas. I was sure back then that restrictions would be relaxed in January. How wrong was I? We have had to cancel our April holiday. This is the same April holiday we cancelled last year in April - we moved it to this April. Now we've… Continue reading Pancake Sunday

Burns supper 2021

It was Robert Burns' birthday on January 25th and Scots celebrate it with a Burns supper. This is fast becoming one of my favourite annual events, perhaps because it doesn't have the same heavy expectations that come with Christmas. We celebrated it a bit late because the 25th fell on Monday this year and we're… Continue reading Burns supper 2021