The perfect burger

One of my favourite meals to eat that’s super easy to make, vegan, inexpensive, and anyone, even the most cooking-averse among us can easily create is the vegan burger. In my freezer, I have several packs of different types of burgers that I get from the supermarket. There are chickpea burgers, chilli bean burgers, parsnip burgers, Indian lentil burgers … there’s a burger pattie for everyone out there.

All I do is bung the burger patties in the oven for 15-20 minutes and assemble a burger with all the things I like. I usually have tomato, cucumber, kale, red pepper, lettuce, chutney, and sauerkraut but you can put on all the things you like. The nice thing about it is you get to choose your own bread and unlike burgers you get at restaurants, I can choose a nice seeded, wholemeal bread. This was my dinner on Saturday night:


The tomatoes and cucumber came from my greenhouse while the kale came from the allotment. The chutney is my home-made courgette chutney made with courgettes from the allotment. The sauerkraut is also home-made using a red cabbage.


I also put on some spicy bbq sauce. Delicious!


8 thoughts on “The perfect burger”

  1. We stopped on the way down to visit my parents at a tiny little place called the Pips Railway Carriage Cafe – and had a huge burger that looked almost exactly like the one you made. It tasted amazing (I gather Pips are somewhat famous for their veggie, vegan, and free from menu).

  2. The selection you have is far more varied than what’s offered at my local stores. (Maybe because the Beyond and Impossible burgers are being aggressively pushed here in the US.) But I’ve also found that veggie burgers taste great when you chop them up and sprinkle them over a salad, the way restaurants serve grilled chicken and beef over theirs. With a vegan ranch or green goddess dressing, it’s so good even my picky grandson will eat his greens.

    1. We don’t have the Impossible burger here yet and I’m not so keen on the fake meat burgers anyway. I prefer ones that have visible chunks of vegetables in them. You can’t get burger patties like this at all? There are so many brands and options here. We are spoilt for choice.

      1. Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, both major grocery chains with a large selection of vegan frozen entrees, sometimes offer lentil patties and Indian-style falafel cakes, but the one brand most commonly offered at groceries is Morningstar Farms, a soy burger made from, among other things, eggs. I don’t think any of the meat substitutes are very healthy, at any rate. One fast food chain offers a veg burger that’s 1700 calories: basically your entire calorie consumption for one day. Also, people are upset that that the chain cooks the veg burgers on the same grill with its beef burgers, rendering them very un-vegan. I have tried the Beyond burger and will say it’s not bad, but I ‘ve been a vegetarian for so long, I really don’t like the taste of meat anymore. I’ll stick with other vegetarian/vegan dishes that don’t hide the fact they’re made from plants!

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