The perfect burger

One of my favourite meals to eat that’s super easy to make, vegan, inexpensive, and anyone, even the most cooking-averse among us can easily create is the vegan burger. In my freezer, I have several packs of different types of burgers that I get from the supermarket. There are chickpea burgers, chilli bean burgers, parsnip burgers, Indian lentil burgers … there’s a burger pattie for everyone out there.

All I do is bung the burger patties in the oven for 15-20 minutes and assemble a burger with all the things I like. I usually have tomato, cucumber, kale, red pepper, lettuce, chutney, and sauerkraut but you can put on all the things you like. The nice thing about it is you get to choose your own bread and unlike burgers you get at restaurants, I can choose a nice seeded, wholemeal bread. This was my dinner on Saturday night:


The tomatoes and cucumber came from my greenhouse while the kale came from the allotment. The chutney is my home-made courgette chutney made with courgettes from the allotment. The sauerkraut is also home-made using a red cabbage.


I also put on some spicy bbq sauce. Delicious!