Vegan junk food

It’s easy to be an unhealthy vegan with more and more vegan junk food options to choose from at the supermarket. Recently Sainsbury’s added Goodfella’s vegan pizza and vegan Cornetto.



The vegan pizza is so good. Even the very discerning Daniel likes it. It’s probably reasonably healthy for a frozen pizza. The Cornetto was also delicious but probably not very healthy.


All this was washed down with some Keith Brewery beer which may or may not have been sent by HS2.


Daniel tells me there’s a Minecraft pizza mod that does vegan pizza. It’s called Pizza Craft. If mods are doing vegan food then it must be cool. I was vegan before the cool kids were doing it. Just saying.

4 thoughts on “Vegan junk food”

  1. I had a party with a buffet last night. We ended up with a lot of food left over, luckily I brought bags and told people to take stuff home. We had vegan wraps and they were so light and full of good things (pumpkin and spinach) that it’s not like when you end up with a lot of starchy foods or meats and cheeses to chomp through. (I think next year I will ask the caterer to go easy on the blue cheese!) That pizza looks delicious and healthy.

    1. That sounds like fun and those wraps sound yummy. I love that you don’t get that same sickly full feeling with vegan food. The pizza is really great and not expensive either. It’s handy to have stuff like that in the freezer when you want a break from cooking.

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