Keith Brewery and mystery beer

Someone sent me a box of beers from Keith Brewery. I have no idea who sent it but the one I’m drinking right now is delicious. Thank you!


The Keith Brewery website was designed by someone with a sense of humour.

Hello, we’re Keith. And we spend more time brewing beer than designing websites.

Too right.

I like the blurb on the back of the bottle too.


Perhaps I’ll follow their lead and spend more time drinking the beer than writing about it.

10 thoughts on “Keith Brewery and mystery beer”

  1. Can’t get onto the site, but will look out for this. Especially if they do a no alcohol one, like Brewdog do. I like all that crafty beer stuff, don’t know if that makes me an annoying hipster. Glad you got a nice gift.

    1. I like the crafty beers too. I like supporting smaller businesses that aren’t owned by huge multinational corporations. Plus they usually taste better.

  2. There’s nothing greater than random free beer. Bonus if it tastes great but even *most terrible beer is great for cooking.

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