Is HS2 coming to Aberdeen?

We received a funny letter yesterday, addressed to The Occupier and with our full address in Aberdeen on the front. Inside was a notice about impending archaeology works in our local area in preparation for HS2. HS2 is a new high speed train being built in England to connect London with the north. You can see which cities it will connect on the HS2 site. Generally speaking it will connect Manchester with London. As you can see, Aberdeen is a bit out of the way.



Maybe they’re planning to take a circuitous route from London to Manchester via Aberdeen? They included a helpful map for us.


I looked up Addison Road, Calvert, and it’s in Buckinghamshire, not exactly our local area.  That said, I wouldn’t object to a fast train connecting Aberdeen to the south. I’m wondering whether the envelopes got mixed up somehow and a person in Buckinghamshire is now reading about impending works in our local area.

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