Aggressive vegans

Apparently 26% of British meat-eaters claim the attitude of vegetarians and vegans has put them off considering a plant-based diet. I think that’s a bit silly. I’m sure there are some aggressive vegans with a bad attitude just as there are some aggressive motorists with a bad attitude and some aggressive police officers with a bad attitude and so on but it’s wrong to reject that entire point of view simply because you don’t like someone you met in that group. It’s like meeting an arrogant, self-centred arsehole who likes chocolate and then deciding you won’t eat any chocolate because the self-centred arsehole likes it. You’re missing out on all that chocolate for such a silly reason! Chocolate, I might add, comes from plants and is vegan.

On other matters my sweet peas on the pavement outside our house are now taller than I am. Do I look like an aggressive vegan with a bad attitude in this next photo? I can’t seem to convince Daniel that it’s summer in Scotland and he insists on wearing his winter jacket even on the not-so-cold days.


Some of you may remember the horrendous time I had in Spain recently trying to order vegan meals in regular restaurants. At one place I was given a plate of burnt artichokes.


In the news this week was another vegan who had a similar experience in Spain except that she got a plate of tomatoes and raw onion. And people wonder why we’re aggressive and have a bad attitude.