Is there anything kale can’t do?

The author of the book, How not to die, has some terrific lectures online. He’s very entertaining to listen to and knows his stuff. This particular talk is about the best way to avoid death. It goes through the leading causes of death starting from heart disease and by analysing the latest research demonstrates how to live longer.

2 thoughts on “Is there anything kale can’t do?”

  1. Great speaker and research! I’m listening to this while I’m at work. Maybe I need to eat more nuts, but I’m a bit nervous about them making me put on weight. I’m wondering what he will say about sugar as well – I think that is the great danger we are not yet taking on board as a society.

    1. Yes, I was amazed by the benefits of eating nuts also. I don’t think you need to worry about putting on weight with nuts especially if you mostly eat a plant-based diet.

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