The world needs more Bens

Image of Ben and Victoria

Sometimes I feel sad about the world. I read the things people say online and I feel despair. What hope is there for us? Some people try to do the right thing and reduce their impact on the planet but what good is it when everyone else is more interested in their taste buds than… Continue reading The world needs more Bens

Eating insects

For several years now I have been quite interested in entomophagy which means eating insects. I've started buying insect dog food for the dogs we borrow and this week I bought a packet of ground buffalo (buffalo is a type of beetle, also known as mealworm) from a Welsh company called Bug Farm Foods. It… Continue reading Eating insects

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper

I've stopped skipping breakfast. I've decided it's not a very good way to lose weight and apparently there's evidence to back this up. All calories are not equal - it depends what time of day they're eaten. The same calories eaten in the morning are less fattening than exactly the same calories eaten in the… Continue reading Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper

The Game Changers

I'm really looking forward to seeing The Game Changers, a documentary directed by Louis Psihoyos and produced by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Jackie Chan. If you're in Aberdeen it's on at the Belmont Filmhouse this evening at 6:30pm. It looks like it will be available on iTunes from early October. The movie challenges the… Continue reading The Game Changers

You don’t need to eat fish to get DHA omega-3s

Tell someone you're vegan and suddenly they become an expert dietitian and will start listing nutrients they think you're deficient in. Often the suggestions are silly, like protein, but someone who has done their homework will list something valid like B12. Vegans do need to take regular supplements of B12 or eat fortified foods. So… Continue reading You don’t need to eat fish to get DHA omega-3s

It’s not all or nothing

I've recently started drinking oat milk drink. I usually drink soya but Ben recently went dairy-free at home and prefers oat drink so I thought I'd give it a try. It's delicious. I'm addicted and prefer it to soya now. I like that oats are grown widely in Scotland and so I feel virtuous buying… Continue reading It’s not all or nothing

Akashinga – the female anti-poaching unit

I love this short BBC video about the all-women anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe. It brings tears to my eyes to watch, not just for the elephants they're protecting, but for the women and how the job has transformed their lives. They are the Akashinga - the brave ones. It's part of the International Anti-poaching Foundation,… Continue reading Akashinga – the female anti-poaching unit

Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Daniel. I never had to take insulin and it went away after his birth. Oddly, I didn't have it during my pregnancy with Elizabeth and I say oddly because usually it gets worse as you get older. Most women who have the disease during one pregnancy… Continue reading Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

Is there anything kale can’t do?

The author of the book, How not to die, has some terrific lectures online. He's very entertaining to listen to and knows his stuff. This particular talk is about the best way to avoid death. It goes through the leading causes of death starting from heart disease and by analysing the latest research demonstrates how… Continue reading Is there anything kale can’t do?

Sainsbury’s vegan mac and cheese

Sainsbury's reported earlier this year that sales of┬átheir newly launched vegan cheese exceeded expectations by 300%. This is not bad at all considering the vegan market has always been viewed as small and somewhat niche. I decided to give their vegan macaroni cheese a try. It's a ready-made meal for one which you heat for… Continue reading Sainsbury’s vegan mac and cheese