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The world needs more Bens

Sometimes I feel sad about the world. I read the things people say online and I feel despair. What hope is there for us? Some people try to do the right thing and reduce their impact on the planet but what good is it when everyone else is more interested in their taste buds than in climate change? They don’t even want to walk an extra 2m from their cars to allow for space for people to cycle.

I decided the only way to lift my spirits is to focus on those people who do care; the people who do want change and who live their lives accordingly. I work in the recognition industry and so it seemed fitting for me to recognise the amazing people in our communities who are making an effort and reducing their use of resources so there’s more to go around for everyone else. This will be the first in a series of posts, maybe once a month, to recognise someone for their contribution to the planet.

The first person I want to recognise is my husband, Ben. Ben is a vegan, he walks and cycles everywhere, he never wastes anything unnecessarily, he’s kind to people and animals, completely selfless, considerate of others, never says a mean word about anyone, he’s caring, good at sharing, and despite not having had a single day off all year he’s always got time for his family. If there were more Bens on the planet it would be a much better place.

When the children need help with something, Ben is always available. When there’s only one piece of cake left, Ben will always offer it to someone else. When there’s washing to put away or dishes to clean up, Ben will always step up, even though he’s been working non-stop, 7 days a week this past year. He’s never lumped all the domestic chores onto me: we share them. He’s kind and he’s gentle.

Ben has cycled to work for decades. He didn’t really want us to get a car. That was my idea. He’s always used far less than his fair share of resources. He eats only plants, even when we eat out he’ll eat vegan and I love and admire him for it. He looks after me when I’m sick and patiently listens to me when I complain. I’m so lucky and I know it. The world needs more Bens.

8 thoughts on “The world needs more Bens”

  1. When there’s washing to put away or dishes to clean up, Ben will always step up

    He’s never lumped all the domestic chores onto me: we share them

    I think that’s a great quality, one I take seriously in my household too!

  2. I think Ben deserve you too! Shared values go a long way. it took me a long time to realise that if I couldn’t find someone really kind and supportive and positive, I was much better off by myself. Funnily enough, I have been back with an old partner of mine for a while. His values had become much more similar to mine in terms of waste and sustainability while we were apart so this time round it works better, and I have got used to the fact that some people like to live highly independent lives, which also makes it work better. It’s nice to see how you are both such giving people and don’t take that for granted in the other.

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