First blackberry crumble of the season

It’s blackberry season – yay! This means lots of blackberry crumble. Ben went foraging and collected a huge container full yesterday, half of which got eaten last night.

There are so many wild blackberries all over the place in Aberdeen and the fruit ripens at different times – I guess depending on how sunny a spot the plant is in – which means we get to enjoy them for several months.

The greenhouse is pumping out tomatoes and cucumbers so we’re having gazpacho tonight which was also made with herbs from the garden and of course NO SALT. Here are the ingredients in my food processor before mixing. If you want to make it more filling you can add cannellini beans.

I also made some vegan ice-cream today. My favourite ice-cream flavour of all time is mint choc-chip and I discovered a recipe in Baz Oakley’s vegan cookbook. It uses fresh mint which I have aplenty in the garden. I’ve been stirring it religiously once an hour for the past few hours and it’s just about frozen now. We’ll try it tonight.

4 thoughts on “First blackberry crumble of the season”

  1. It’s a lovely time of year for foraging, isn’t it? I will be scouring some local hedgerows that are laden with blackberries over the next couple of weeks . I like having them raw over muesli.

  2. While walking down the lanes near my parents house (we’re staying with them on the coast this week) we have been spying blackberries everywhere – and will be sneaking out to pick them before long.

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