Blackberry crumble

Wild blackberries are ripe for the picking all over the place right now. Locally they’re known as brambles. Ben went for a walk yesterday along the river and came home with several cups of them.

I turned them into blackberry crumble.

This crumble was particularly delicious because I did something different. Crumble is just fruit with a topping of oats, flour, sugar, spice, and butter or oil. Instead of using butter or oil I used two tablespoons of almond butter. This made it healthier because oils and butters are processed and best avoided. The almond butter also added a nice nutty flavour. I will be doing this for all my crumbles going forward. Maybe I’ll replace the sugar with date syrup next and it’ll be even healthier.

And here’s Victoria surveying her estate.

10 thoughts on “Blackberry crumble”

  1. That’s a really nice cluster of blackberries. In Cornwall I went for long walks back from surfing and didn’t bother taking lunch because I knew I could find blackberries to keep me going. But sometimes they are hard or small, or overripe, those ones are perfect.

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