Meatless Farm and Elizabeth’s biology poster

We had Meatless Farm burgers for dinner last night. I’ve become a Meatless Farm convert: they’re UK-based and much cheaper than the Beyond Burger but with similar ingredients. Both are made with pea protein.

They taste delicious too and are good for a quick, easy meal when you don’t feel like cooking.

As part of her science homework this week Elizabeth had to create a poster with summaries of four of the units they’ve covered in biology over the year. I’m really impressed with what she did so I asked her whether she’d mind me posting it. She reluctantly gave me her permission.

She created this on the iPad and did the drawings and annotations all herself. She’s only 11 and yet it looks so professional. I’m impressed with the content too. I don’t remember covering this stuff until year 8 at school but Elizabeth is only in year 7. Her school follows the English curriculum so this is just part of the syllabus from what I understand. I like that I get to see what they’re working on.

5 thoughts on “Meatless Farm and Elizabeth’s biology poster”

      1. Ah, the curse of self-doubt, eh? A bit of self-doubt is good as it drives us to do better, but too much is crippling. I think that every single artist and writer in the world always looks at their work afterwards and sees things they could have done differently/better. At the end of the day, doing something that ‘could be better’ is better than doing nothing.

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