Fleeing the Terminator

Jon and I both made the press today following our deputations on Wednesday to Aberdeen City Council. Jon is from Grampian Cycle Partnership and I was speaking on behalf of Aberdeen Cycle Forum. The Evening Express ran it as the main story on their front page. It's terrific! Here's a photo: The Terminator 2 reference… Continue reading Fleeing the Terminator

One last plea for cycling infrastructure

I gave my deputation at the Aberdeen council committee meeting today. I have spoken in council chambers before, several years ago when I presented my petition for a segregated cycle track on Union Street. It's an interesting experience. You're not allowed to take photos so I'll describe the room. It's huge with mezzanine viewing galleries… Continue reading One last plea for cycling infrastructure

I am intimidated by buses on Union Street

Cycling by design guidance

At the beginning of this year I thought my days of cycle campaigning were coming to an end. Not because I didn't still fully support the need for cycling infrastructure but because the designs the council were showing us were all good and aside from minor details I felt confident and positive about the future… Continue reading I am intimidated by buses on Union Street

Happy birthday to Victoria, open again, and a successful competition

It's Victoria's 1st birthday today. At least we think it is. She was born on or around the 26th April 2020. Here's a little video of her having her fur brushed which she loves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vTnQV3BgbU It has been more than a week since I posted anything which is unusual for me. Things are looking up… Continue reading Happy birthday to Victoria, open again, and a successful competition

What’s Rachel been up to lately?

I've had less time to write lately. I've been trying to do four jobs - my paid full-time job as a product manager for Creative Force, my role as campaigns secretary for the Aberdeen Cycle Forum, my work for Aberdeen Climate Action on their websites, and a new project I've taken on to help address… Continue reading What’s Rachel been up to lately?

Running club, trees on Union Street, a royal vintage wedding dress

Someone at work started a running club challenge last week and since I've been running every day anyway I decided to sign up. I'm chuffed to say I've been at the top of the work leaderboard both weeks so far without doing anything different. I started running during lockdown and have just continued doing it.… Continue reading Running club, trees on Union Street, a royal vintage wedding dress

Union Street, face masks, and cat litter boxes

There are more changes happening in Aberdeen. Yesterday on my usual bike ride into the city centre I discovered the top of Bon Accord Street has been taken over with picnic tables for Soul Restaurant which is the church in this next photo. Many churches in Aberdeen have been converted into pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and… Continue reading Union Street, face masks, and cat litter boxes

Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee

The Aberdeen City Council was awarded a £1.76million grant to widen pavements, install temporary bike lanes, and build one-way walking systems - all to create space for social distancing during the pandemic. I cycled into the city centre this morning and they've already closed part of Union Street to cars and buses (the part between… Continue reading Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee