Running club, trees on Union Street, a royal vintage wedding dress

Someone at work started a running club challenge last week and since I’ve been running every day anyway I decided to sign up. I’m chuffed to say I’ve been at the top of the work leaderboard both weeks so far without doing anything different. I started running during lockdown and have just continued doing it. I listen to the Times daily podcast which is really great and usually run about 3.3km. According to the Strava app my average pace is about 5.32/km (the lower the number the better; it means I take about 5.32 minutes to run 1km) and I run around 23km per week.

Today I went out in the rain and the park was almost empty. This is the emptiest I’ve seen it since March.


Small changes continue to appear in the city centre. The latest are these very attractive pots containing what look to be birch trees.




I really hope they stay even after the pandemic comes to an end, whenever that may be. It’s wonderful to see some greenery on Union Street.

The Queen’s grand daughter, Princess Beatrice, was married last week in a private ceremony and I absolutely adore her wedding dress.


She hands-down wins best royal wedding dress ever and not just because it’s a beautiful dress but it’s a vintage dress, borrowed from her grandmother who wore it in 1961. I know I’ve said it before but I love old things and Beatrice wearing a vintage dress belonging to her grandmother elevates her in my esteem. It helps to have the Queen as your grandmother as I’m sure she has a huge collection of wonderful dresses but this hasn’t stopped every other royal bride from having something bespoke made for them. I’m guessing Beatrice could have done the same but instead wore this magnificent dress.

5 thoughts on “Running club, trees on Union Street, a royal vintage wedding dress”

  1. Such good things happening around your city.
    The rain looks very refreshing in your pictures.
    I know it must be hard to resist the pressure, but it would be good if all the royals could set an example by not having new outfits all the time and saying that it is their contribution towards recognising that it would be better for the planet and that for most of the population new things all the time is not sustainable or healthy. If they just stuck to that, the press would get tired of criticising them for it.

    1. Yes, the royals are in such an influential position and while I think they do some good things, especially Prince Charles who is a bit of an environmentalist, I wish they wouldn’t all drive gas-guzzling land rovers. Why not ride a bike or at least get a small and efficient electric car?

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