Fleeing the Terminator

Jon and I both made the press today following our deputations on Wednesday to Aberdeen City Council. Jon is from Grampian Cycle Partnership and I was speaking on behalf of Aberdeen Cycle Forum.

The Evening Express ran it as the main story on their front page. It’s terrific! Here’s a photo:

The Terminator 2 reference comes from my speech which you can read on my blog. I’m often reminded of that scene in Terminator 2 when I’m cycling and there’s a bus or lorry right behind me. Sometimes they come up much closer than I feel they ought to. I’ve had nightmares about it. It’s especially fitting because Arnold Schwarzenegger is himself a keen cyclist and in Terminator 2 he’s the good guy.

The article in the Press and Journal is excellent and they clearly had a lot of fun with the Terminator 2 analogy, leading with the headline, “Talks on segregated bike lanes ‘will be back’ amid claims Granite Mile cycling is like fleeing Terminator“.

This is the scene from Terminator 2 if you’re not familiar with the movie.

Some people think cycling is just for a select few. But that’s only the case because in Aberdeen it’s like a “high octane, action-packed Hollywood chase” to quote the Press and Journal. If we made it safe then it would be much more inclusive of everyone. With the right infrastructure anyone can ride a bike pretty much at any age from 5 or 6 up until 100. It’s completely free, keeps you healthy and you can cycle ALL YEAR ROUND. Unlike in hot climates there’s really no time of year when you can’t cycle in Aberdeen. Only on extremely windy days do I avoid it but that’s mostly because it’s hard work cycling into a head wind.

I cycled Elizabeth to highland dance today in the snow with Hoss, our cargo bike. I haven’t cycled the cargo bike for a while as Elizabeth cycles herself now but with all the snow on the bike path I felt the electric assist and the three wheels would make it easier which they did. It was safer than walking that’s for sure as it’s very easy to slip over in these conditions and A&E are full right now with people having slipped on pavements and broken bones. This is less of a problem on a bike, especially one with three wheels. Elizabeth got to ride inside with a blanket to keep her warm.

2 thoughts on “Fleeing the Terminator”

  1. That’s brilliant work, especially when you consider how negative the press can be about things, you must have come across really well. What a good analogy to use to put your view across.

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