Union Street, face masks, and cat litter boxes

There are more changes happening in Aberdeen. Yesterday on my usual bike ride into the city centre I discovered the top of Bon Accord Street has been taken over with picnic tables for Soul Restaurant which is the church in this next photo. Many churches in Aberdeen have been converted into pubs, nightclubs, restaurants, and accommodation.


The road is completely closed to cars and I for one am very happy to see it.


Decking has appeared on Union Street overnight to extend the width of the pavement. I’m not sure how much of this will be installed but this bit was near the Co-op supermarket on Union Street. There’s more up the other end near Brew Dog. It looks terrific.


Planters have appeared on the section of Union Street that’s completely closed to traffic.


It’s exciting to watch these changes unfold and I’m impressed to see what the council is doing. For the first time ever I can say they are being truly ambitious and it’s wonderful to see.

Shops on Union Street were allowed to reopen on Saturday and from July 10th masks will be mandatory in all shops. This is a Scotland-only requirement (so far) that Nicola Sturgeon has introduced and I whole-heartedly support. Nicola Sturgeon is very sensible and is managing the pandemic pretty well considering we’re part of a bigger country with one of the worst outcomes in the world so far. To be fair, we also have the busiest airport in all of Europe. Mandatory face masks are a good move. I’ve been wearing mine in the supermarket for a few weeks now – I’ve got used to it and discovered that if I don’t put it on so tightly it’s easier to breathe. On Saturday in Marks & Spencer there were noticably more people wearing face masks.

We’ve decided to get a cat. We miss having a companion animal around the house and it has been 6 years now since Freud died. The Borrow My Doggy system was going well but we haven’t had any dogs since March and now that the kids are doing online school I won’t be walking to and from school each day. I’m also enjoying running in the park which wouldn’t be possible if I was tossing balls for a dog. We’ve applied for a cat from the local shelter and are just waiting to hear back. I spent Friday night reading reviews for cat litter boxes online which was more entertaining that you might expect.




8 thoughts on “Union Street, face masks, and cat litter boxes”

  1. A laugh from me! Can’t believe that first review only got one helpful vote.
    I wish we had a Nicola Sturgeon in England.
    And how wonderful to see the coming out of lockdown period looking so positive.

    1. Yes, that first review is great and if we had dogs as well I’d find that very useful information to have.
      I do like Nicola Sturgeon. She’s just so sensible in every way.

  2. We’re quite rural, so self isolating has been easy. So interesting to see what’s in major cities north of the border given the crazy pub scenes in England. Crazy, crazy times.

  3. Cats are pretty unobtrusive really – until they are hungry, or have something they have murdered to present to you 🙂

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