Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee

The Aberdeen City Council was awarded a £1.76million grant to widen pavements, install temporary bike lanes, and build one-way walking systems – all to create space for social distancing during the pandemic.

I cycled into the city centre this morning and they’ve already closed part of Union Street to cars and buses (the part between Union Terrace and Market Street). I am truly impressed with the swiftness with which the city council has acted. Kudos to them. I only hope it becomes permanent.


I cycled in with Hoss and then spent a fortune at Marks & Spencer and Holland & Barrett just to confirm the stereotype that people on bikes and on foot spend a lot at local businesses. There was plenty of space in Hoss to bring it all home again.


Yesterday we walked along the south side of River Dee between the Bridge of Dee and the King George VI bridge. It’s a lovely little path. Very sheltered with lots of trees and shrubs and also very quiet. We didn’t see another soul at all. It’s very pretty too. Here are some pics.


Looking at these photos you’d be forgiven for thinking we were out in the middle of no-where but actually, this is the central Aberdeen. We’re very lucky to live here. It’s got a great climate, wonderful history, and all the amenities you’d expect a city to have but without the feeling that you’re in a crowded and over-developed space.



19 thoughts on “Union Street is closed to cars | Pics by the River Dee”

      1. I’m so tempted to get something similar – except we live on a hill so the way home is always very steep … I think I’ll have to get super fit first! 😃

  1. Hope the improved routes are here to stay! They would be daft not to – together with the walking routes you’ve shown us, improved cycling would be such an easy way of making it even nicer to live in your already lovely city.

    1. I hope the temporary measure become permanent too. The council has been wanting to pedestrianise the city centre for more than a decade. They just needed a pandemic to finally provide the impetus to do it. I can’t see them returning it back to how it was in a hurry.

    1. Lots! We have visitors every summer usually and sometimes winter, spring, and autumn too. This is the first year that we haven’t had any so far. My father was meant to come in April but had to cancel and my mother was also planning to come but cancelled. It’s not clear when anyone will be able to come again. I can’t see it happening this year.

      1. I had a trip planned to the UK in late Sept, which would have included Scotland, but I can’t see that happening either. I’ve decided to get a refund on my airfare, rather than a credit, as the future is so uncertain.

        Do you enjoy getting lots of visitors? I know it’s nice to see people, but looking after them while also having to work can sometimes mean not much of a holiday for the hosts, especially the female half of the hosts.

      2. Yes, I think you did the right thing in getting the refund. Even if you can fly in late September there’s going to be quarantine everywhere and it probably won’t be much fun. We’ve also still got a really high level of transmission and I can’t see that going down much over the next few months.

        I do really like having visitors. The kids especially love it. We don’t have any family here so it’s extra special when family come to stay but it’s also great to see friends. If you come to Aberdeen and need a place to stay then let me know 😉

      3. That’s very hospitable of you – thank you -:) If I ever get to Aberdeen, I’d definitely love to get in touch.

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