Snow and council deputation

The first snow of the winter fell last week and there was quite a lot of it.

I’ve been keeping the bird feeders topped up as the birds are very hungry right now.

All the snow has melted now as it rained this weekend but there’s more forecast for next week and not far inland from here there’s still quite a lot. We are hoping for a white Christmas as always but it’s pretty rare in Aberdeen. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

We haven’t done much this weekend as Elizabeth has been off at parties, Daniel has been studying, Ben was in Germany until last night, and I’ve been preparing a speech for a deputation at a city council meeting this week about Union Street. The council is ploughing ahead with their plans for Union Street and these plans include no provision for cycling at all.

Every mile cycled brings a net benefit of 94 pence to the local economy. That’s £19 million annually. But only 4% of Aberdonians cycle regularly and that’s not going to change without cycling infrastructure. At a time when we have a climate crisis, an obesity crisis, a pollution crisis and a cost of living, crisis more bums on bikes is unarguably the best way forward and yet still the council does nothing to encourage more people to cycle. Why do I have to spell this stuff out? It’s not rocket science. It doesn’t make sense on any level and I really am beginning to wonder if I’m on a different planet to council leaders.

But I’ll keep trying. The meeting is on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Snow and council deputation”

  1. All the best with your deputation> I hear you about your frustration with the Council – they are notoriously difficult to get to budge on a matter.

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