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  • Ross Ainslie live in Braemar

    Ross Ainslie live in Braemar

    We went to a Scottish folk music concert in Braemar last night and it was amazing, to use Daniel’s words. We were worried Daniel and Elizabeth would find it boring or want to leave early but they both loved it. Daniel even described it as a great memory he’ll never forget. Ross Ainslie played with […]

  • Kale, parsnip, and a recipe for bannocks

    Kale, parsnip, and a recipe for bannocks

    I went to my plot today to pick some kale. I also found this huge parsnip. It was pretty quiet at the allotments with practically no one there on what is a beautifully warm and sunny spring Sunday. Everything is starting to come to life including the rhubarb. We’ll be eating rhubarb crumble before too […]

  • Scottish vegan cookbook and lebkuchen

    Scottish vegan cookbook and lebkuchen

    It’s lebkuchen time of year which means it’s time to share my recipe. It has become a tradition in our family to make numerous batches of lebkuchen every December. Lebkuchen is a German Christmas dish which translates to “ginger bread” but there’s no ginger in the recipe. I got the recipe from a German friend […]

  • Highland dance and TV rants

    Highland dance and TV rants

    It has been a crazy busy week and the craziness is still going. Elizabeth has been performing in her Highland Dance show and we’ve had rehearsals and performances all week with the finale tonight. I helped backstage on two nights and it was really well organised. I’m so impressed with the dance school. The students […]

  • Highland dancing and trees

    Highland dancing and trees

    Elizabeth had her Highland Dance exam today and it went very well. Here she is before the exam. Her kilt was too long so I got some braces and hitched it up. That did the trick and meant that I didn’t have to attempt hem surgery which would have been a huge undertaking with all […]

  • A Highland Dancer

    A Highland Dancer

    Elizabeth has her very first Highland Dance exam coming up at the end of this month and her kilt arrived today. It’s a little bit long and I’m not keen to take up the hem because there are so many pleats at the back. Maybe I can put her on a stretching rack instead? That […]

  • In love with Scotland

    In love with Scotland

    I love Scotland so much it hurts. I love the accents, the landscape, the humour, the climate, the weather, the people, the culture, the local produce, the animals, the plants, the traditions, and even the music. Who doesn’t love a highland cow or the fields of purple heather that blanket the hills in autumn? There’s […]