A Highland Dancer

Elizabeth has her very first Highland Dance exam coming up at the end of this month and her kilt arrived today. It’s a little bit long and I’m not keen to take up the hem because there are so many pleats at the back. Maybe I can put her on a stretching rack instead? That seems easier. What should I do? Will they disqualify her if the kilt is too long? I’m just an ignorant Australian.

She looks adorable. Her Gran made the vest.



9 thoughts on “A Highland Dancer”

  1. I think she’s okay re the length of her kilt. I was told years ago that the shorter kilt became popular after WWII partly because modern skirts became shorter as well, and some Highland dancers liked the “flounce” they got from a short kilt. I don’t know much more than that, whether judges look for a short kilt, or maybe it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m sure Elizabeth will impress them all! Bonne chance!

    1. It’s meant to reach the top of the knee so I think it’s only a fraction too long. Someone suggested I get braces to hold the skirt up a bit so I’m going to do that.

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